• To play a nodal and lead role in developing a network of Open Schooling in the country and help the States in adapting/adopting the course material as well as developing courses in regional languages

  • To take the responsibilities of researching, innovating and experimenting in the area of Open Schooling and Open Learning and disseminating tested innovative practices to States

  • To develop and prescribe or offer a wide spectrum of courses of study, for purposes of general vocational and continuing education, either leading to certification at the school stage up to the under graduate level (including Certificates/Diplomas) or for life and job enrichment and without certification

  • To provide sound professional advice to the Government of India and to the States, regarding the proper development of Distance and Open Learning System, at the School level, in the country, in response to requests from the Government concerned and to give financial contribution wherever considered necessary to the States for establishment and development of State Open Schools (SOS) and State Centres of Open Schooling (SCOS)